• My work is about revitalizing your spirit

    My work is about revitalizing your spirit

My Services

All my sessions may include: the hands on Body-therapy, Conversation/Coaching and Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment. Each session is specifically tailored to your needs according to what is best for you at the time and particular session.

Dr. Turk also creates specific individualized structured programs for his clients to ensures their success in healing.

  • Phone or Skype Consultation
  • (15 minutes) No Charge

This consultation is to be utilized for new clients in order for us to get to know each other, as well as to discover if my services can provide a solution for your needs. At the end of that conversation, there will be an opportunity to book an appointment, however the phone consultation does not obligate you in any way.

  • A recommendation for new clients:
  • Two-session consultation

In this two-session consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about myself, my practice, and the unique approach I utilize to help you reach your fullest potential in health and Life.

These sessions may include an explanation and demonstration with any and all of my healing therapy process: the intuitive conversation regarding your desires, intentions and goals, as well as your stresses, emotional burdens, physical pain and illness.

It can also include and conclude with a unique style of deep tissue bodywork and a Chiropractic alignment.

The second appointment serves as an opportunity to follow up to review your experience during your initial session with me.

It’s to hear my opinions and communicate with you about what I feel will help you, and for us to determine if my approach toward your wellbeing, is the right fit for your needs.

From this place, you’ll be clear with how you’d like to utilize my skills and unique healing therapies for your life moving forward.