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Allison Wells

I met Harold in the fall of 2014 through a series of kismet incidents. An acquaintance of mine suggested I check out his Maori Healer friends who were in town and holding sessions in Topanga Canyon. I’m always interested in experiencing different healing techniques, so, knowing nothing about their work, I signed up.

If you’ve never had Maori bodywork done, let me tell you, it’s quite powerful, and not always pleasant… but it certainly releases stuck energy and emotion in the body. Anyway, as I was doing my best to get through it, somebody sat down next to me, held my hand, and encouraged me to relax and breathe. That somebody turned out to be Harold Turk.

On the outside I looked like the epitome of health. I’m a personal trainer, nutritionist, and wellness consultant. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people improve their bodies and create healthy lifestyle habits. On the inside, I was stuck. I hadn’t been in a relationship in years, and hadn’t ever been in a HEALTHY love relationship. When I met Harold, I had been dating a lot, but had a difficult and frustrating time finding someone who really clicked with me and served me in the ways that I deem important. I needed help expressing myself and realizing my self-worth. I needed tools to aid me in communication with men, with family, and in business.

I started working with Harold once a week for several months. The sessions were intense. We discussed my past relationships, career hurdles, and family dynamics from childhood compared to adulthood. The talk-therapy element of our sessions brought emotions that had been hidden inside of me for years. The Maori bodywork allowed me to release those feelings trapped in my physical body, and hurled me into the emotional processing.

Harold’s combination of talk-therapy, bodywork, and Chiropractic adjustments, expedited the pace of my self-work and healing. He helped me get to the root of many of my triggers, and gave me tangible tools to allow me to navigate relationships (both personal and professional). He has helped me find specific language to express myself to others, has taught me to understand the connection between my physical and emotional bodies, and has encouraged me to express those emotions so they can be released.

Most importantly, Harold has taught me how to accept and integrate my emotional scars as part of my larger Self and life experience, instead of ignoring them and pushing them deeper into my subconscious. He has shown me that the things that hurt me in the past can now be used in the present as my strengths and gifts.

After working with Harold for less than one year, I met somebody I really liked. He was different from the other men I had met. He is present with me, he listens to me, and, among many other things, we have similar ethical codes. He is a perfect compliment to me. We are now living together and building our lives together.

Now, Harold is helping me navigate my relationship. Triggers come up, patterns emerge, and communication is more imperative than ever. Being in a healthy relationship is new to me. Yes, it takes work, but it’s all in the name of love.