Debie Roberts

Debi Roberts

  • Debie Roberts

I first went to see Harold based on the recommendation of a friend of friend. Having had typical therapy sessions in my past, I was intrigued hearing about Harold's healing approach, so I reached out to him. In our first session, I was still reeling from my first divorce, my ex getting remarried, and navigating being a single mother to my son and daughter. Harold quickly helped me begin to understand how I needed to unlock my voice and communicate all the feelings I’ve been withholding in order to find my true stengths and to be the best me I can be. That was over five years ago. I've since lost my dear Mom, my stepfather and remarried, only to learn that my second husband was not at all the right fit for me. Through it all, Harold has been there. While my journey is still a work in progress to be sure, Harold continues to guide me and to help me heal, learn and grow.