Eva Tamargo

"A little over a year ago, I was lost emotionally, in chronic pain, unemployed and financially unstable. These words I just wrote make my eyes well up as they appear on my screen. Not because of the struggle and pain they challenged me with, but because I am free of them. Words can have so much power. They can create a dream and can also kill a soul. They can heal a wound and scar a heart - They can also heal you."

I've never been shy of any kind of self-help therapy. All the books I read and all the therapy I received did help, but it was all so fleeting. The demons would once again show their nasty heads and there I was back to my old self. I just went around in the same vicious cycle grasping for answers, coming up short and out of breath.

Enter into my life, Dr. Harold Turk.

To say that this man changed the course of my life is grossly underplaying what he in fact did. He gave me tools I never knew I needed. He showed me how to breathe…metaphorically of course. I also saw parts of me I never knew existed - good and bad. I learned how to embrace what is, and not run from, but run into my obstacles. I learned how to let my life unfold and watch it take flight without getting in my own way. His touch is nothing short of magical, although at times I thought he'd break me. His words are earth shattering, powerful weapons of destruction...destruction of the garbage we live with inside our heads, so subconsciously. I am here today as proof that we all have the capacity within us, to change, to grow, to conquer. We all have that champion that yearns to be heard and seen. You have to be able to break that outer shell. You have to look inside deeper than ever and you must let Harold be the man for the job. Welcome him into your life. You will never be the same...and, that's a great thing."