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Maria Lopez

In a world that is hectic, my time with Harold Turk is my moment to BE, to grow and learn about myself in a deeper way. I haven’t always had a passion for investing in personal growth, especially because I have always suffered from low self-esteem. Even when others always saw me as a leader, the confident and secure one in the room, I knew that was far from the truth. This of course led me to unfulfilling and abusive relationships, especially with myself. I became and expert at allowing those I loved to take advantage of me. But then came the health issues. Stress had made itself present through rashes, body aches, swelling in my joints… at times making it even difficult to walk. It was clear that mind and body healing was necessary in my life. I was done not facing the MY truth. The past was affecting my health and most importantly the type of future I was setting myself up for. Since seeing Harold, he has allowed me to connect the physical pain to the stories I had been believing. I have slowed down, learned to respect my body and have developed healthier habits. Most importantly, I now make it a point to be more conscious about not wasting my time and energy on those things and people that are not deserving it. Harold has been a light and a force that has allowed me to love myself most in my vulnerable moments and to push forward even when I’ve been scared. Thanks Harold for being a teacher, a healer and a friend.