• We heal our physical body by including our emotional wellbeing.

    We heal our physical body by including our emotional wellbeing.

About Me


Private Coach • Maori Trained Healer & Body Worker • Doctor of Chiropractic

I'm a Chiropractor by degree, and as you may already be able to tell, my work doesn't look or sound like the typical Chiropractor.

I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1996, but that was just the beginning of the kind of education that brought me to the work I do with people today.

After graduating, I began what I like to call, my informal education. It came at the foot of great mentors and healers. This kind of education is my informal training, but to me, it was very formal, it just didn't look that way to most.

Most of my studies post Chiropractic College was undergoing my own healing, mostly the emotional kind. It was not by "traditional" therapists, but you would be terribly mistaken to think they weren't qualified to do what they do.

So that's why I say informal training, because they weren't certified in the cultural sense; and also, because my relationships with them were not formally created in the confines of a school, nor do they teach what they do to just anyone; these relationships grew naturally as if we were brought together.

Having said that, being mentored and mentoring others is the only way I know how to live, and a relationship I find extremely valuable and rewarding.

Besides, what great people don't have mentors? ... I'd be hard pressed to find out that every successful person didn't have someone behind the scenes, molding, supporting and inspiring their growth in one way or another.

And lastly, what about my work inspires me?

I'm passionate about the emotional aspect of healing and how it relates to every area of our physical life.

I came to realize that the emotional aspect of healing was a key to being the missing link to why so many people struggled so much with their health.

Their emotional selves were in turmoil and I could see how intimately linked that violent struggle is and how it plays out with people's physical health and life.

I have an ear and vision for how people's emotional and energetic selves relates to their physical lives, and that includes their health, body, career, craft, money, and relationships – and I have a unique affinity for how ones past trauma relates to all of this as well.