It’s been a few weeks or so since the Maori visited and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts with you.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who came out and received sessions. The two days were full with healing, and I was inspired by all the desire everyone came with in order to heal.

One way I see healing, is such that, when people allow themselves to open up and let their emotions out, specifically by way of the bodywork, this vulnerability allows the body to relax which makes all kinds of healing possible that wasn’t available to them before.

In doing this, the body and mind become of aware of this old holding pattern, and are now aware of this new liberated position within.

This new space allows us to see more clearly all the painful things we’ve been holding onto, and all the negative effects of that old holding pattern has created.



After I sent out the last email regarding my Maori-Healer teachers coming into town, I felt compelled to share more about how exactly this unique kind of bodywork has helped me with my life and how it may help you too.

Really quickly, and for those who have no idea what this work is, it looks like a sports-type massage, meaning that it’s hands on and it works at the root level of your muscle imbalance, pain and stagnation.

I started receiving this work when I was about 29... I’m turning 47 in May. My first teacher was both a body-worker and someone who did talk-type therapy with me, even though she wasn’t an actual therapist (sound familiar?)



My Maori-Healer friends are coming to Topanga.

The privilege of having my Maori-healer friends/teachers coming all the way from New Zealand to Los Angeles has grown, especially after having lost Manu last year(See picture below of us celebrating Manu's passing.)

Their healing-posse has grown smaller and smaller, and because of that, theprivilege has grown larger and larger.

Work like this is not easy to come by, even for us LA-folk who seem to have every resource we desire at our fingertips.

These Maori-healer friends of mine are quality Healers, and they’re coming out to Topanga, California on Sunday and Monday February 17thand 18th to do sessions with people.

For those unfamiliar with who they are and what they do, please continue to read below.



A humbling Thanksgiving, and holidays to you and your family.

With respect to the numerous shootings, acts of violence, fires, political tension, increased complexity of the world and the speed with which we hear about it all and how it effects each of us on an individual level, I think it’s appropriate to use the word humble, rather than happy to describe the holidays.

Despite a lot of my clients and myself being in a good place and doing well, depending on the day, it doesn't stop my heart from feeling full of feelings on a consistent basis this year and it’s become increasingly so, lately; you’re not alone if you’re feeling similarly, don’t panic, it’s normal.

For someone to reply with how he or she has been doing, with “awesome or amazing,” without any sense of heaviness to their heart, would be considered out of touch - too much is going on for someone not to be effected in some way.



So I hosted Ata, my Maori-Healer teacher, on Saturday and Sunday March 17th and 18th, and it went great and seamlessly.

The environment all weekend was full with healing, laughter and fun. And for all those who came out and received sessions: thank you for coming and I hope you’re allowing the healing to continue to flow through you; remember, you control that flow, no healer or coach of any kind can do that for you.

On another note, I realized that for future visits by my teacher, and regardless of what Maori-healers she brings with her for those visits, I'll be sure to share more in detail about how things have changed and the perspective I have about it…

Maori-Healers typically don’t travel the world; let me begin by saying that. They typically stay in New Zealand, helping and teaching people there.

A Maori-healer commonly known as Papa Joe, was a man who pioneered the idea of having a group of Maori-Healers touring the...


So I’ve got good news; my Maori friends are coming into town and I’m going to be hosting them on Saturday and Sunday March 17th and 18th.

Hosting means that I’m setting up healing appointments/sessions for you to partake in receiving from them.

Most of you know that one of my dear teachers, Manu is no longer with us, but my other teacher Ata is going to be coming out; as well as Charlotte (I met and spent a good chunk of time with Charlotte a few years ago when I visited New Zealand, where I attended the Maoris first ever, teaching and cultural workshop.)

It takes a village to help me develop; and that includes getting help from these two powerful women.

I’ve had and continue to have people, teachers, mentors, coaches and therapists in my life, all of whom contribute to the kind of man and “Healer” I’ve become today.

And with that said, the Maori teachings and bodywork style has long since been a staple in my education and “therapy-diet” for what it’s taken to get me here.

The bodywork is unique in its ability to help facilitate and integrate...


Some people have a difficult time making a connection with how the bodywork portion of healing that the Maori and I do, relates to all the “therapy-style” conversations people have with their coaches and therapists.

Some people are very disconnected from their body.

They get that on an intellectual level, the mind is connected with the body, but when it comes to actually feeling the relationship, they sometimes have difficulty making that connection.

It’s extremely vital to make this connection and here are a few reasons why:

If you’re disconnected with your body, you’re going to be somewhat perplexed and having to guess why you’re feeling the things your body is experiencing: pain, discomfort, tightness, soreness, weight gain, weight loss, disease or a myriad of other symptoms.

Also, if you were able to make this connection, you’d have a better idea of how your emotions and mental state manifest in your body.

Yes, your personality type, your struggle with different emotions, mental attitude and even past trauma have a massive impact on your...


So my Maori-teachers/friends went back home to New Zealand. Their stay here, and the two days that I hosted them with sessions they did for my clients, friends, and family was really great.

The two days went by seamlessly … besides our broken hearts about losing Manu (One of my Maori-healer teachers.)

Many people received really powerful sessions and a lot of healing was had; the energy in the room over the two days was rich.

People let go of things they’ve been longing to do for many years.

… some let go of things they never knew they were holding onto.

Many people came for many different reasons, but one thing they all had in common was the deep desire to shift and heal something within them.

Having said all that, the statement, you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem comes to mind.

I guess it’s because those who came for sessions, chose to better their lives, which in turn creates a better world for their families and everyone else for that matter.

And God knows we could use all the help we can get making this...


So as it turns out, I’ll be hosting/booking appointments for people to see my Maori Healer teachers for healing sessions on Friday and Saturday September 29th and 30th.

We added LA as one of their stops on their way from touring in Europe and making their way over to Hawaii where they’ll be doing a women’s trauma healing workshop.

Of course, I’m excited about seeing them, but I’m sure a new level of loss will hit me when I see that it will sadly not include Manu.

I had this thought that I wanted to share with you before I give you the details about booking a healing session with them.

I was thinking that for those who know my Maori friends and will be coming for sessions when they’re in town, that no matter how excited people will be to see Ata and Terence, there will also most likely be grief and loss included.

That regardless of what you’re specific intention will be for your healing sessions with them, be it physical pain and injury, past trauma, or fertility issues (Ata’s specialty) the context will also include loss.

I’ll obviously be so...


For those of you who read my last email, you would’ve heard that Manu, one of my teachers, and favorite people in the world died a couple of weeks ago.

I encourage you to read it before reading this one so that you’ll have some context for this email – here’s the link below.

Many people close to my Maori friends/teachers have been expressing a lot of grief and loss these passed couple of weeks.

Tons of pictures and stories of him were posted on Facebook, and to say that a lot of us are missing him is an understatement.

For me, on top of the feelings of loss, has come another sense/feeling that I’d like to share with you that might help you in some way as it’s been doing for me.

Along with my sadness at the thought of not ever going to be able to hang, learn, and play with Manu anymore on this physical plane, has me thinking about him and what he’d want from me now that he’s “gone.”

To me, his body and our physical interaction is gone, but in some way,...