Hey everyone,

Check out my most recent podcast I did with Sean McCormick from his show, the Optimal Performance podcast. It was really great being on his show, as Sean is a veteran in the Podcast world, having produced well over 200 podcasts. He was really curious to know about what exactly Maori Healing is, and how that relates to the style of coaching I do with my clients. Check it out if you’re interested.

Also, and as I’ve shared previously, some of my own personal healing work is to improve my ability to communicate with groups of people and in the public domain (including being on Podcasts). It’s very healing for me to see where I struggle with my communication abilities publically, that doesn’t show up privately for me. Developing and healing myself in this way also allows for new opportunities and possibilities to open up within my career.

I mention this for two reasons. One is to share with you a little about me, and the other is to remind you that healing looks different for everyone; it’s not general.

Sure, there are general modalities,...


My Maori-Healer teachers are coming;

One day only, sessions available this Saturday October 12th.

Below is part of an Instagram post I recently wrote, that describes an aspect of what Maori Healing bodywork helps people with. Details for Saturday are below.

Body Armor

What is it & how do we get rid of it?

Its a term that refers to an energetic armor or shielding, designed to protect us from people and things from emotionally, physically or psychically hurting us.

It’s benefit is clear, to keep us safe, however the cost might not totally be. This armoring keeps us protected, but it also keeps people, opportunities & love from coming into our lives; basically, we slowly die on the inside, while protecting ourselves from being hurt by the outside world.

It can also be unconsciously or consciously created from a past trauma. Depending on the specific type of trauma we’ve encountered, we may be surprised where we’ve stored the trauma in our bodies & created the armor.

This armoring also contributes to our bodies becoming...


Hey Everyone,

I’ve spent many years studying, healing, and building my craft and private healing practice. Now I'm ready to be more public about it all. I’ve had the opportunity to speak on a couple of my friends' podcasts, and it inspired me to explore these opportunities further. It was such a fun and rewarding experience that allowed me to share the impact my work has made in my life with all of you; I'd love to continue connecting with all kinds of new people who’ve got podcasts and want to talk all things healing. My desire is to share my journey and work, and enhance the content and value of people’s podcasts specifically by discussing the many facets of healing with them. My primary focus isn't personal exposure, but to share how my own personal healing can help your listeners, by being more public about my journey and healing process.

If you feel like this could be a fit, let's connect. Know anyone with a podcast? Put us in touch.

To learn more, download my complete deck below.


Hey Everyone, just wanted to give you a heads-up, that I've been sharing on Instagram @haroldturk much more frequently, instead of using this email format. I'll be emailing longer communications, but for daily quick shares like the one below, feel free to follow me to keep in touch more regularly. I hope you're well. Let me know if you need anything.

A little origin story

I’ve been receiving & providing Maori-style bodywork since I was 29yo(47 now) & I’ve personally received this bodywork on the deepest possible levels.

At that time in my life, I was going through a massive amount of upheaval & I hungered for the work to help me exorcise a lot of emotional baggage I was carrying, while simultaneously & passionately learning to do the work for others.

Throughout the years I’ve seen & physically felt the relationship & interconnectedness of all the things I’ve mentally & emotionally held onto & how it coincided with every area of my physical life being stuck, which included...


It’s been a few weeks or so since the Maori visited and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts with you.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who came out and received sessions. The two days were full with healing, and I was inspired by all the desire everyone came with in order to heal.

One way I see healing, is such that, when people allow themselves to open up and let their emotions out, specifically by way of the bodywork, this vulnerability allows the body to relax which makes all kinds of healing possible that wasn’t available to them before.

In doing this, the body and mind become of aware of this old holding pattern, and are now aware of this new liberated position within.

This new space allows us to see more clearly all the painful things we’ve been holding onto, and all the negative effects of that old holding pattern has created.

This unique style of bodywork goes straight to the source of ones pain, and it helps them free this area so that their external world can be liberated in so many ways they never thought possible …



After I sent out the last email regarding my Maori-Healer teachers coming into town, I felt compelled to share more about how exactly this unique kind of bodywork has helped me with my life and how it may help you too.

Really quickly, and for those who have no idea what this work is, it looks like a sports-type massage, meaning that it’s hands on and it works at the root level of your muscle imbalance, pain and stagnation.

I started receiving this work when I was about 29... I’m turning 47 in May. My first teacher was both a body-worker and someone who did talk-type therapy with me, even though she wasn’t an actual therapist (sound familiar?)

At the time, I had a lot of upheaval going on in my life, and so going to see this teacher of mine, meant that I was going to be able to have a safe place to unload emotions I’d been bottling up, and this unique-style of bodywork was a perfect vehicle to facilitate that.

Right off the bat, and on a instinctual level, I saw the value in being able to discharge a lot of trapped feelings I’d been holding onto, and for...


My Maori-Healer friends are coming to Topanga.

The privilege of having my Maori-healer friends/teachers coming all the way from New Zealand to Los Angeles has grown, especially after having lost Manu last year(See picture below of us celebrating Manu's passing.)

Their healing-posse has grown smaller and smaller, and because of that, the privilege has grown larger and larger.

Work like this is not easy to come by, even for us LA-folk who seem to have every resource we desire at our fingertips.

These Maori-healer friends of mine are quality Healers, and they’re coming out to Topanga, California on Sunday and Monday February 17thand 18th to do sessions with people.

For those unfamiliar with who they are and what they do, please continue to read below.

For all intents and purposes, it looks and feels like a sports-type massage, however, instead of just reaping the physical benefits of healing from it, somehow we’re able to receive emotional and energetic healing as well.

Afterward, you feel like you’re aligned and more intimately connected,...


A humbling Thanksgiving, and holidays to you and your family.

With respect to the numerous shootings, acts of violence, fires, political tension, increased complexity of the world and the speed with which we hear about it all and how it effects each of us on an individual level, I think it’s appropriate to use the word humble, rather than happy to describe the holidays.

Despite a lot of my clients and myself being in a good place and doing well, depending on the day, it doesn't stop my heart from feeling full of feelings on a consistent basis this year and it’s become increasingly so, lately; you’re not alone if you’re feeling similarly, don’t panic, it’s normal.

For someone to reply with how he or she has been doing, with “awesome or amazing,” without any sense of heaviness to their heart, would be considered out of touch - too much is going on for someone not to be effected in some way.

I’m humbled by all the pain, that’s part of being in this world, and what it means to be alive today.

Not that I’m trying to, but I couldn’t outrun the sadness...


So I hosted Ata, my Maori-Healer teacher, on Saturday and Sunday March 17th and 18th, and it went great and seamlessly.

The environment all weekend was full with healing, laughter and fun. And for all those who came out and received sessions: thank you for coming and I hope you’re allowing the healing to continue to flow through you; remember, you control that flow, no healer or coach of any kind can do that for you.

On another note, I realized that for future visits by my teacher, and regardless of what Maori-healers she brings with her for those visits, I'll be sure to share more in detail about how things have changed and the perspective I have about it…

Maori-Healers typically don’t travel the world; let me begin by saying that. They typically stay in New Zealand, helping and teaching people there.

A Maori-healer commonly known as Papa Joe, was a man who pioneered the idea of having a group of Maori-Healers touring the...


So I’ve got good news; my Maori friends are coming into town and I’m going to be hosting them on Saturday and Sunday March 17th and 18th.

Hosting means that I’m setting up healing appointments/sessions for you to partake in receiving from them.

Most of you know that one of my dear teachers, Manu is no longer with us, but my other teacher Ata is going to be coming out; as well as Charlotte (I met and spent a good chunk of time with Charlotte a few years ago when I visited New Zealand, where I attended the Maoris first ever, teaching and cultural workshop.)

It takes a village to help me develop; and that includes getting help from these two powerful women.

I’ve had and continue to have people, teachers, mentors, coaches and therapists in my life, all of whom contribute to the kind of man and “Healer” I’ve become today.

And with that said, the Maori teachings and bodywork style has long since been a staple in my education and “therapy-diet” for what it’s taken to get me here.

The bodywork is unique in its ability to help facilitate and integrate...


Some people have a difficult time making a connection with how the bodywork portion of healing that the Maori and I do, relates to all the “therapy-style” conversations people have with their coaches and therapists.

Some people are very disconnected from their body.

They get that on an intellectual level, the mind is connected with the body, but when it comes to actually feeling the relationship, they sometimes have difficulty making that connection.

It’s extremely vital to make this connection and here are a few reasons why:

If you’re disconnected with your body, you’re going to be somewhat perplexed and having to guess why you’re feeling the things your body is experiencing: pain, discomfort, tightness, soreness, weight gain, weight loss, disease or a myriad of other symptoms.

Also, if you were able to make this connection, you’d have a better idea of how your emotions and mental state manifest in your body.

Yes, your personality type, your struggle with different emotions, mental attitude and even past trauma have a massive impact on your...


So my Maori-teachers/friends went back home to New Zealand. Their stay here, and the two days that I hosted them with sessions they did for my clients, friends, and family was really great.

The two days went by seamlessly … besides our broken hearts about losing Manu (One of my Maori-healer teachers.)

Many people received really powerful sessions and a lot of healing was had; the energy in the room over the two days was rich.

People let go of things they’ve been longing to do for many years.

… some let go of things they never knew they were holding onto.

Many people came for many different reasons, but one thing they all had in common was the deep desire to shift and heal something within them.

Having said all that, the statement, you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem comes to mind.

I guess it’s because those who came for sessions, chose to better their lives, which in turn creates a better world for their families and everyone else for that matter.

And God knows we could use all the help we can get making this...


So as it turns out, I’ll be hosting/booking appointments for people to see my Maori Healer teachers for healing sessions on Friday and Saturday September 29th and 30th.

We added LA as one of their stops on their way from touring in Europe and making their way over to Hawaii where they’ll be doing a women’s trauma healing workshop.

Of course, I’m excited about seeing them, but I’m sure a new level of loss will hit me when I see that it will sadly not include Manu.

I had this thought that I wanted to share with you before I give you the details about booking a healing session with them.

I was thinking that for those who know my Maori friends and will be coming for sessions when they’re in town, that no matter how excited people will be to see Ata and Terence, there will also most likely be grief and loss included.

That regardless of what you’re specific intention will be for your healing sessions with them, be it physical pain and injury, past trauma, or fertility issues (Ata’s specialty) the context will also include loss.

I’ll obviously be so...


For those of you who read my last email, you would’ve heard that Manu, one of my teachers, and favorite people in the world died a couple of weeks ago.

I encourage you to read it before reading this one so that you’ll have some context for this email – here’s the link below.


Many people close to my Maori friends/teachers have been expressing a lot of grief and loss these passed couple of weeks.

Tons of pictures and stories of him were posted on Facebook, and to say that a lot of us are missing him is an understatement.

For me, on top of the feelings of loss, has come another sense/feeling that I’d like to share with you that might help you in some way as it’s been doing for me.

Along with my sadness at the thought of not ever going to be able to hang, learn, and play with Manu anymore on this physical plane, has me thinking about him and what he’d want from me now that he’s “gone.”

To me, his body and our physical interaction is gone, but in some way,...


One of my teachers, and closest people to me in my life, passed away a couple of days ago and I want to share with you a little about that – his name is

Te Atua Wera, but most of us knew him as Manu.

I feel so grateful and blessed having known him; no, not from a “spiritual jargon kind of grateful blessed place”, but from the gut, like I’m a better man for having had him in my life.

It was a real privilege having had the kind of quality time I got to have with him.

I say this last part because for those who don’t know, he spent many months out of the year on tour, traveling, teaching and helping people heal which caused him to spend large amounts of time away from his family.

… And I appreciate every moment of that time together.

I appreciate his family sharing him with us.

I can’t get through writing this email without crying; I will miss him very much.

He literally and figuratively put a lot of energy into me, and that’s something I’ve never taken for granted.

It’s always a conscious thought for me to utilize...


So here’s the idea I’ve been looking at integrating into my practice; it’s the idea where I’ll be separating the physical, “body-therapy” aspect of what I do, from the conversational aspects of it.

For those clients of mine that see me currently, and especially as of late, you might have noticed the separation of the two; or at least you’ve noticed a subtle shift in some way that has me not speaking as much while you’ve been on the table doing bodywork.

The purpose of this email is to formalize that idea, but mostly this communication will be for future clients so that they will have more clarity with how I work and see things within my practice.

Here’s the idea and thought process and how it will benefit you as a client.

While I’m working with my clients on the table, there are a few main ideas I’m focused on accomplishing: One is that I’m focused on taking all the information, both tangible and intangible, that I've gained about them, and then channeling that information into working with them physically.

For example: let’s say a client is...


Now that I have your attention, here’s what I have to share with you.

No, I’m not getting a facelift, you’re stuck with the one I have.

I’ve given my website a bit of a facelift to celebrate my switch in my web designer company, which is now called @gospacecraft. Below is a link for you to check them out.


For all those interested and needing a new website, or if you’re like me and you just want your current site migrated over from another company that you’re not happy with, @gospacecraft is a really great company to do that for you.

I found them because they are strategic partners with my program that I use to run my practice, and that company is called


I can’t say enough amazing things about @mindbodyonline as well; they’ve been like having a partner in my business, and I’ve been with...


Hey everyone, I’m really excited to share with you that my teachers are coming to LA.

For those who don’t know, my teachers are Maori and they live in New Zealand, so this is quite the treat having them come all this way as one of their stops on their healing tour.

The last time I hosted them, it was an amazingly powerful day of healing.

When I say that I hosted them, it means that they showed up and worked on my friends, family and clients that I scheduled for them.

I only had so many spots available, so all those people who were worked on, were extremely motivated to receiving some kind of healing they were really yearning for…

… and I’m doing it again on May 7th and 8th.

These Maori friends of mine are dear to my heart and they are extremely talented in the realm of healing and bodywork.

They see and feel you walking in the door. Your body speaks to them as if they know exactly what it’s saying and what you need.

For some, it’s a stubborn musculoskeletal pain or issue that keeps nagging you.

For others, it’s some kind of...


So, it’s been awhile since I’ve written my last email or done my last video to send out and I’m not happy about that.

Here’s why:

I got this advice from a friend several months back, sometime before the New Year. They said that they felt the videos I was sending out didn’t reflect the great work that I do with my clients. They also said that I should practice making more videos and not to put them out until it portrays me as the credible source that I am.

I thought the advice was wise, and I know that this person had my best interest at heart, and was making a good point; that I would lose people's attention and never get it back if the videos didn’t capture their attention and present me in the best light and as a credible source.

Bare with my story, I promise this will involve you really soon.

So that was during the holidays, where I found myself in a really contemplative and emotional time reflecting on all kinds of things.

Plus, I had my practice with my clients which requires a lot of physical and emotional energy, so needless to say, I...


Before I head to bed, I want to leave you with some questions to consider when you're in physical pain or not feeling well.

These are the questions I ask myself - and you should too:

How am I feeling mentally and emotionally, is anything really bothering me lately?

How bad is that thing that's bothering me - what's the magnitude of it?

How might this be connected to what I'm feeling in my body?

What can I let go of mentally and emotionally that would allow whatever pain I'm feeling to leave quicker?

What people can I talk with (friend or "therapist") that can help me let go of what I'm struggling with mentally and emotionally?

What physical healing modalities can I utilize that can help with the physical aspect of my pain?

These aren't some lame, limp, psychobabble questions that don't amount to nothing in the "real world" of healing..

They help you make deeper connections with your mind/emotions and how they have an impact on your body and health.

I hope this helps you.

Get some rest ..

Speaking of...


.. along with the happy one you already know to have.

To me, and to a lot of people I see around me, it feels as if we are hurling toward Christmas and New Years at warp speed like an asteroid making it's way toward earth.

.. energy is high, and for one reason or another particular to you, people are crazed, anxious and panicked.

And for good reason too, the world is a pretty crazy place right now, and that seems to be the increasingly new norm.

And if you ask me, it';s been building since 9/11, but I'm pretty sure you're in agreement with me there.

For me, I'm not expecting it to change anytime soon, but rather that I'm constantly looking at new ways to be with it all and to navigate this new crazy world with less anxiety, fear and panic - and more fearlessness, faith, and surrender.

I'm constantly refining my abilities to adapt and improvise accordingly to all kinds of situations including this new world.

I think I've always had that skill ..

And I suggest you do too - learning how to adapt and improvise quickly is an essential...


... at least no deep healing that is. But I'll say more about that in a minute.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and find themselves back in action, looking to finish the year strong and with clarity in how they are going to move into the New Year..

.. this is not the time to shut anything down.

And with Hanukkah beginning sundown Sunday, I'll take this opportunity to wish you a happy festival of lights.

Having said that, I want to start by thanking everyone who texted, called, emailed and expressed their love and condolences since hearing about the passing of my dog, Kayla - I love all of you for that!

Here's a quick update of where I'm at with that.

I've been doing pretty well considering. I thought I'd simply feel more free and unencumbered, but that has not been the case - I miss her, I hear her, I talk to her ... (and for those who know me well, you know the voice I use when doing that, it's pretty funny.)

That little rascal of a dog meant a lot to me. Like I said, I loved her more then most people.

I've been feeling...


So it's with a full heart that I regret to inform you that my pug-dog Kayla of over 15 and a half years, died this Monday.

.. and for those who know me well, I loved that dog.

She was in steady "old-lady" decline for a couple of years, walking slower and slower because of an arthritic back and hips, and eyes getting progressively worse; but all in all she was a happy, healthy dog up until last Wednesday when things took a turn for the worst.

Things quickly declined, and we had a heart to heart, talking with one another throughout the weekend ..

.. and then on Monday, October 12th we said our goodbyes, as she died naturally at home with my hand on her belly trying to ease her path.

It's been painful for sure, especially thinking of all the moments and antics we've been through together, and how there will be no more.

.. but as I write, I guess I also realize I hurt because of the amount of love and care I had for her - and I'm not even quite sure what that exactly means in this moment.

Along with the pain from her death, there also comes...


.. at least that's what I think.

It makes sense though.

.. the world seems as though it's been put in a vice grip and everything and everyone is on high alert, flooded emotionally and overwhelmed by life in some way, shape, or form ..

.. and here's how that relates to clenching and grinding of the teeth.

By the way, I'm a self-proclaimed expert at helping people stop the nasty, destructive habit altogether.

To me, and from what I've seen from all the people I've cared for who do this, is that they all seem to knowingly, or unknowingly suppress some kind of anger, resentment and rage about something from their past or present.

And when these people go to sleep at night, all those suppressed feelings start to rise to the surface.

And when that happens, the body automatically starts to respond and react to those signals and feelings.

For some, it's just clenching, and for others it's clenching and grinding (sheering the surfaces of the teeth back and fourth.)

.. with others, they also tighten their neck muscles, elevate their...


Hello Hello, long time no write - I hope this note finds you better and better.

To those of you who came to receive sessions from my Maori friends several weeks ago, it was great to see you there - thank you for coming, it was such an awesome day and everything I envisioned it would be..

.. I will definitely be doing that again, and you will be in the know about when that is so keep on the look out for future emails.

I spoke with some of you who came for a visit and I followed up to see how you were doing, and there's one thing I wanted to share with all of you that I feel is very important that I would like you to know about..

.. I hope all of you are "empowering" the work that was done.

You are the one that "allows" the healing to come through you..

.. and you are the one that controls the depth of that healing; not my Maori friends, me, or any other "healer" or "coach" for that matter.

Coaches and healers do what they do with you, but you are the one that chooses to allow it to move you or not.

Not sure you're aware of this, but...


Where the mind goes, the body follows

Bear with me a little bit with this preface.

Do not take this blog as being in bad taste.

It's a sensitive story that is tragic for sure, but it's also a subject that I'm really passionate about, and something I strongly urge you to consider..

.. how our emotions effect our body.

To me, this is not just a concept; it's a real visceral intimate connection that I feel.

... people's physical health problems and pains have real emotional communications that yearn to be heard - and I'm the interpreter.

Having said that ..

On August 10, 1997, soon after the conclusion of Rush's Test for Echo Tour on July 4, 1997 (for those who don't know, Rush is a rock band, and Neal Peart is the famous drummer for that band), Peart's first daughter and then-only child, 19-year-old, Selena Taylor was killed in a single-car accident on Highway 401 near the town of Brighton, Ontario. His common-law wife& of 22 years, Jacqueline Taylor, succumbed to cancer only 10 months later on June 20, 1998. Peart attributes...


So I got sick last week, and I'm all better now..

.. but it got me thinking that it might be helpful if I share with you the kinds of questions, and thinking process that I go through in order to begin the healing of myself.

For a quick overview before I get into the questions, here's what I think.

First is, I think about what I can do from the inside-out, or what can I let go of within me that I can set free and help me heal.

Then I think about what I can do from the outside-in, or what I can bring into my body from the outside, like special foods, pills and potions that can aide in my healing.

Too many people focus on what they can bring into their body, rather than what they can let go of.

So here are some basic questions:

How have I been doing lately, mentally/ emotionally? ..

.. has anything been bothering me or causing me a lot of frustration?..

.. is there anything that I'm resisting or very scared to face?

With those questions, I'm trying to get a sense of my mental, emotional and energetic state leading up to...


In the wake of Robin William's death, here are some of my initial feelings and thoughts that I felt inspired to share. ...besides the obvious shock and sadness!

First: Regardless of whether we know someone or not, we must remember that everyone deals with heavy stuff.

.. the kind of stuff that sits heavy on our hearts. I see a wide variety of people in my practice from those who have a lot, to those who don't...

.. and everyone struggles with emotional pain on some level and for a variety of reasons.

So knowing this, I'm urging people to be a little kinder and a little more compassionate because we never really know how someone reacts to what we say and do when they go home.

Second: We must continue to learn about ourselves so that we can understand how we effect and have impact on people's lives, positively and negatively.

How are we to help others if we don't know what our impact is, what are strengths and weaknesses are, right?

Third: I would like you to consider that you're one of two types of people in the world these days; you're...


So I saw the movie Boyhood last night, and as some of you know, I am a self-proclaimed amateur movie critic ...

... I'm not, but I just like saying I am, hence the word, self-proclaimed.

It's a unique movie shot over a 12-year period that shows the evolution and growth of a boy and his family as they age and move through the ups and downs of life.

I liked it, and it was unique, but I wouldn't say it was great; although, it did have some subtle yet powerful context to it..

... but, if you're someone who is looking for Godzilla to pop out and shoot lightning out of his mouth, that was not going to happen ..

... because life mostly doesn't happen that way...

Life is a series of consecutive moments strung together, one after the other; some have more of those moments, while some less...

... and that's it, then we die.

And when we really get this, it makes us change HOW we live in these moments...

.... of course, that's easier said than done.

Here's the thing ..

It's only when we really get in touch with the loss and...


Feeling overwhelmed?

You're not alone, let me explain.

Overwhelm is such a common feeling people are experiencing these days.

It seems like every client I'm seeing, one after the other, is experiencing overwhelm for one reason or another.

I say it that way because people may have different "content" in his or her lives, but everyone lives a similar "context".

"Content" is the specific names of people and places in your life that may differ from mine or yours, while "context" is the emotional terrain like heartbreak, sadness, anger and rage that everyone deals with no matter who you are or what you do for a living.

No matter what the "content" is that makes us different, the context is what binds us together and makes everyone's path similar because we all deal with the varied emotional terrain that life is filled with.

Having said that ..

.. to me, overwhelm is more of an emotional distinction rather than a physical one.

Mostly when people talk about feeling overwhelmed, they talk about how much they have to do physically, but...


Tears of grief and relief?

Read on ..

A client recently shared with me while crying tears of grief and relief how they have spent the last 20 or so years of their life mourning the loss of a certain part of themselves..

..that young innocent part that was full of possibility.

And they went on to say how a bigger more powerful part of them has never been able to emerge in their adult life because of this past trauma.

They also went on to say how because of our work together they are now able to feel that part of themselves again and this new emerging sense of power because of it.

And that even though they are crying and grieving over what they now realize and the loss of so much time, they also feel liberated on the deepest level of them.

It's sessions with clients like this that bring new inspiration to my work and me.

Unhealed past trauma has a way of keeping parts of us frozen within, making aspects of our lives impossible to succeed in...

... read that last line again, because it's very true.

And when those traumas...


So I saw Dawn of the planet of the apes recently and here is one of the things I got from it...

... and no I cannot just "watch" a movie, my mind never stops seeing the kinds of things I write about.

When we are unconscious about our fears, and we take action from that unaware place, we always end up hurting someone and getting ourselves into trouble.

The sooner we become aware of those fears, worries and insecurities, the sooner we get to choose how we act, rather than those feelings choosing for us.

Despite what some people say about how they can choose how they feel, NO you cannot ...

... the only thing you can choose is how to get better at choosing how to act in response to those fearful feelings when they come up.

Of course that's easier said than done... but its still true none the less.

Let me know how you liked the movie and what some of the things you got out of seeing it.

As always, I hope you are well, and if not, let me know what's going on and how I might help.



Who are you accountable to?

For anyone looking to grow an aspect of their life, including healing something or developing their career, I highly urge you to be accountable to someone....

... preferably someone you pay....

.... there's something about paying someone good money to play this role in your life that stands far above any other arrangement; be it friend or whatever else.

Being accountable to mentors, and others being accountable to me is the only way I know how to live; I thrive off of the relationship....

..... I love being coached and I love coaching and helping heal eager people.

When I want to achieve something, I want the best people I can to help me .....

... so they can cut the money, time and energy it takes to get me there.

Mentors, coaches and healers have spent thousands of hours figuring things out in order to distill what they know to share with you in the simplest form and the straightest path....

Actually, they did it for themselves and their own inspiration, and then they chose to share it with you,...


You're not alone, let me explain.

Overwhelm is such a common feeling people are experiencing these days.

It seems like every client I'm seeing, one after the other, is experiencing overwhelm for one reason or another.

I say it that way because people may have different "content" in his or her lives, but everyone lives a similar "context".

"Content" is the specific names of people and places in your life that may differ from mine or yours, while "context" is the emotional terrain like; heartbreak, sadness, anger and rage that everyone deals with no matter who you are or what you do for a living.

No matter what the "content" is that makes us different, the context is what binds us together and makes everyone's path similar because we all deal with the varied emotional terrain that life is filled with.

Having said that .... to me, overwhelm is more of an emotional distinction rather than a physical one.

Mostly when people talk about feeling overwhelmed, they talk about how much they have to do physically, but what they are really...